Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Young Christian Expresses His Opinions

A young reader (age 15) put a comment on the web page. It was thoughtful enough to answer. Here is a part of what he wrote:

I am a Baptist, but we don't believe in speaking in tongues unless another person is able to understand what you are saying. We do not believe that it is the necessary, & I am not convinced otherwise unless someone is able to give counter evidence towards 1 Corinthians 14:6-12. Neither do I understand why there is need for argument. Why can we not just accept that every denomination has true believers, despite our minor contradictions? I have no doubts that my presbyterian friends, calvinist teachers, catholic grandmother, & non-denominational mother are all going to heaven. And once we get there, we'll all find out the truth.

Furthermore, I have no problem in admitting that my speculations might be wrong. As every person is made sinful, I believe that every denomination has flaws & imperfections. The devil is ever present & the temptation to convert to the most convenient denomination at the time is much stronger than people care to admit. Whatever a person's denomination, I just wish they would stick to their beliefs instead of swaying to whichever way the wind blows. However, me being a young child of 15, I don't suppose any of you adults will take into account any of my arguments as valid. At the moment, the only thing I'm worried about is entering college & being assimilated into the evils of this atheist world. They've already claimed my aunt. I pray that God will guide & protect me as I prepare to enter the unsheltered adult life.

I responded as follows: Dear Anonymous, Thanks for your comments. As a retired college professor, I know the dangers to peoples’ faith when they get in college. I always advised my Christian students, to spend a lot of time praying during a class when they sensed an attempt to undermine their faith. My daughter use to do that in her New Testament class. Then when God gave her the go ahead, she would either ask a question or make an observation. By that time, God had the man so confused, he would become incoherent.

The other thing I use to advise students was if they sensed the professor was trying to challenge faith, begin to learn all they could about his or her private life. Typically they would discover that the professor’s philosophy of life was not working–drugs, alcoholism, failing marriages, rebellious children, and the like. Many college professors have never done anything more in life than go to school. For that reason they often don’t develop mature personalities. Always tell yourself when professors stands in front of young people, they are a public advertisement of their beliefs: Without realizing it, they are proclaiming: “If you adopt my way of thinking, you will turn out to be like me.” Yuk! Who wants that!

As to tongues, keep in mind, all the disciples spoke in other tongues. From experience, I know it is a gift from God that is too good to miss out on. (In addition, praying under your breath in the Spirit as the Spirit gives utterance, is the best way to do something for your lost and confused professor as you endure a boring class.)

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