Monday, January 22, 2007

I Love God the Way My Pets Love Me

The other day I was watching a TV commercial in which puppies were jumping all over a little boy. They were licking him, nibbling gently on him, and showing affection in every way possible. The little boy was giggling joyfully. It was a beautiful sight.

I remembered how wonderful it was to come home to my dog Hans, who jumped with excitement the minute he saw me, then expressed his devotion with his entire being.

Lately, I have had a series of dreams of all types of animals approaching me with affection.

Because, I believe that God communicates with us in the night when we are still, I asked Him the meaning of my dreams. My answer was that in our pets, God has given us a model of how to worship Him. Equally important, He has allowed us to experience what it is like to be worshiped.

If God experiences one tenth of what I experience from the love His creatures pour out to me, He must have a wonderful time when we worship Him. I can certainly understand why He created us to love Him.


Lissa said...

What a wonderful image of how we are to love God with abandon and enthusiasum, unconditional love and presence to each moment!