Sunday, February 4, 2007

Islamic mothers, American mothers

I hope everyone watched the special on Islam last night by Fox TV. (Click on link above). The contrast between the Islamic approach and ours is so mind boggling as to be beyond human imagination.

Islamic women told us how they had no status in their towns until their sons or daughters blew themselves to smithereens . They were so proud, they wanted the rest of their children to do the same. One woman even boasted that three of her children had done this inconceivable act.

I could not help but think of the 180-degree difference in attitudes between them and us. A Cindy Sheehan gains status in our society because her son was killed fighting the enemy. But her notoriety comes because we all grieve with her--even those of us who feel she is misusing her son’s death.

As each child killed himself in the Islamic communities, other parents were clamoring to have their children blow themselves to pieces. In the American community, each time we lose one of our precious children, it is so horrific, we want to stop fighting.

The question is “Which of these totally contrasted attitudes can win the protracted struggle ahead of us?”


ceomeo said...

I believe this represents the single greatest challenge facing western culture - and global Christianity. Social Progressives seem to have no conception of the power of this kind of religious belief. As a Christian, I keep asking myself what the Church must become in the face of this spiritual challenge. I am convinced that the watered down version of Christianity that has swept mainline denominations is powerless to present the gospel in any meaningful way in the face of the rise of radical Islam. For me, the phenomenal rise of charismatic Christianity on a global scale over the last one hundred years is God's answer. Without radical New Testament Christianity, we are powerless against this spiritual onslaught. Charismatic Christianity understands the reality of spiritual evil that operates on a higher level than human evil. Social Progressive religious agendas relegate the idea of satan and the demonic to the superstitious past. But without a biblical understanding of evil, and the victory of Christ over it, I do not see a way forward in the 21st Century.

Father Don said...

It could not have been said more clearly than cemeo has sait it.