Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Psychic/Metaphysician vs Seer/Prophet

I was having lunch a few days ago with one of Christianity’s preeminent seers. He made an outrageous statement that irritated me. I had mentioned something about psychics to which he retorted: “Psychics always prophecy negative things.”

I was annoyed because I knew what he said was not accurate, but more importantly, stupid statements on the part of our recognized leaders can result in loss of credibility for the rest of us. Following is my take on the difference between psychics and Christian seers. (For the sake of brevity, hereafter, I will just use the words psychics versus seers. Alternate titles can be metaphysicians versus prophets which I will explain later.)

Years ago, a buddy of mine asked me to accompany him to what he called a psychic reading. The psychic did not fit my stereotype, as she was a classy lady in a fine home and an expensive car out front.

Emerging from his reading, my buddy said “Hey, she picked up some things about you, but she says that because she does not have your permission, it would be inappropriate for her to tell you. I told her you would love to hear it.”

After I insisted, she began to unveil some things about me. At first, I naturally suspected that my buddy, either intentionally or inadvertently, had revealed information to her. But then she went into overdrive and began to bring out secrets not even my buddy knew.

Remember, I am a psychologist, so of course my psychological radar went up to full power. I realized instantly that my knowledge had just been kicked up a notch. There is a way of knowing beyond the normal.

That realization filled me with joy. We are not alone!

Shortly thereafter, I had the experience with my first Christian seer/prophet as related in my earlier postThe Zapped Psychologist,

As a psychologist, I had to explain to myself the difference between the psychic and the seer/prophet. Most psychics prefer the term metaphysics. Meta means “going beyond, “transcending”Physics is nature known through science. Thus a metaphysician is one who transcends what we accept as natural. We psychologists also talk of the para normal--meaning along side the normal.

The seer/prophet also transcends.

The difference between psychic/metaphysician on the one hand and the seer/prophet on the other, is not the content of what they reveal, so much as it is the source of what they reveal. The outcomes also are different.

Psychic/metaphysicians can make you aware of another dimension of reality that is accessed by yours and/or their paranormal abilities. That is what the psychic/metaphysician did for me.

Also, using paranormal abilities, seer/prophets on the other hand, bring you into direct communion with Jesus. That is what the seer/prophet did for me (In 1Co 14:25, St. Paul describes the effects of a seer/prophet revelation: “And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he (a non-Christian) will worship God,”

The purpose of the psychic/metaphysician is to “know thyself”. The purpose of the seer/prophet is to know the One who knows you.

The psychic/metaphysician believes his or her abilities are normal to everyone. Interestingly, paranormal abilities do run in families. The seer/prophet believes his or her extra ordinary abilities are gifts from God. Interestingly, paranormal gifts often showed up early in many of seer/prophets, even before knowing Jesus. (This was true for the seer/prophet I spoke of in my opening sentence as well as the seer/prophet who impacted my life.) The real gift of the seer/prophet though is his or her ability to bring one into direct relationship with Jesus.

The psychic/metaphysician leaves you to your own abilities. The seer/prophet leaves you with the abilities of Christ. There may be other differences, but it is hard to beat what the seer/prophet did for me.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Fr. Don. The statement of the revered prophet was really not true. Having experienced seers and psychics, I have heard negative and positive prophecies given by both.

For me, the primary distinction appears in the last paragraph - human or divine ability. As a Christian, I accept a biblical world-view that God and creation are separate. I believe that God is present in all of creation, but creation is not identical with God.

Many psychics embrace a world-view more in keeping with eastern mystical thought than a biblical world-view I am describing. Apparently we are wired in creation to know and experience God and spiritual reality. My experience leads me to believe that whatever is happening in psychic and seer realms is coming through on the same wiring - whatever that is.

Two aspects of psychic thought that most trouble me - and are most inconsistent with my personal experience - are: we are all divine and need to discover our inner divinity, and that there is no such thing as objective evil, just wrong thinking or perception.

Many psychics feel that they have a gift from God. So even here the distinction that Fr. Don makes between the two, breaks down a bit. But consider the final result. Am I growing and evolving through activating my inner divinity and finding my higher truth, or am I being encountered and transformed by a personal God who loves me enough to enter my world and embrace my death - destroying its power through death and rising to give God's life to me?

When I look at the world, I see and experience more than human evil. There is plenty of that to go around. But there is an experience of evil that is intelligent and specific. It crushes and corrupts without mercies - and often masks itself behind claims of seeking the highest good. But it is there. That is what I believe Christians mean by "satan" or the devil. This is more than karmic paydays that strike our lives. It has intelligence and cunning in the way it targets our weaknesses and seduces us to our own strength and pride.

While many spiritual beliefs around the world have theological concepts of evil, I find this one of the most glaring gaps in typical psychic thought. If there really is intelligent evil, then much of the positivism of psychic thought who look for truth within, may have a blind spot that causes the experience of the paranormal to lead off in wrong directions.

While operating on the same God-given wiring, we may be led astray from eternal truths into a spiritual humanism based on a faulty view of reality.

Lissa said...

Thank you for opening my heart and mind. Your writing puts me closer to Christ.

Scott said...

Nice blog! I've been reading some of your entries!! I love your Holy Spirit testimony, was so cool.

Yeah I agree with you about the differences between psychic and prophets/seers. I think the difference is source. Psychics get their information from the enemy (evil spirits) while prophets get their stuff directly from the heart of the Lord.

Living in the Supernatural

Anonymous said...

I believe that all gifts are from God. Only father God is a creator, anything that is not of him is forgery...counterfeit. I believe psychics have a genuine God-given gift, but it is pointed in the wrong direction (themselves).

Anonymous said...

hey, my name is shuwanna, i gree with the things that u have written. i, myself at this time is looking to find out exactly how to increase my God given ability as a seer.

I, myself have gotten conformation from our Heavenly Father from above that i have been anoitted with the gift of being a seer, as well as my twin sister. we have both been working at understanding our God given ablities, I'm 29 yrs old as of the 27th of june. since a small child i have always felt differnent, unique, since the age of having a memory. i have always felt very close and intimate with our Lord & savior. I have always had dreams seeing things before it happen, as well as always having out of sight intution. as well as being able to feel the spirits of others. i just want to continue to grow spiritually, as well as continue helping others. i could go on & on with my experiences, but i said all this to say, if you could give more detail regaurding seer ability i would greatly appreciate it.

And if you could i would really like for you to contact me at,

Thank you, have a blessed evenig,& continue doing our Father's work.

Blogger said...

Shuwanee, thanks for writing. To be honest, beyond what I wrote in this post, I don't know a lot more.
I can only repeat that the seer must always stay close to Jesus otherwise one's ego can get into thier abilities and do real damage to self and others. But staying close to Him, you can't go wrong, and He teaches you as you step out in faith.

Right now at 8:20 p.m.Eastern Standard Time, I am listening on live TV to the powerful revival that is going on in Florida. If you have not heard of it, it has been going on for a month and is running on the Internet on If you are listening and if you ask the Father for insight,I will pray that God will have a specific word for you. God is giving specific help to people all over the world through Todd Bentley who God is using right now through the TV.

Amber said...

Hi. I have had some interesting happenings in my life. When I was a little girl, my mother went into a shop where a woman approached her and asked if she had a daughter, of course she said yes, then the woman asked some more questions of me and told my mom I was a seer. The woman gave my mom some books for me to read as well. There have been times when I dream or get feelings of something to happen, and it does. I only recently thought back to that day that my mom came home and told me the story. I wonder if it is true. I would like to know more information of what a seer is. Would you happen to know a Web site I could visit?

Blogger said...

Amber: Thanks for the interest. The best book on the subject is one by Steve Thompson

The best place training people is:
Morningstar Ministries

Anonymous said...

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Isaiah Venn said...

My name is Isaiah and I have been able to see auras and other psychic experiences for a year now. I really need some help to control it. It takes a lot of energy out of me at times and it's very confusing. I have been hospitalized 3 times in the past year. I have talked to god about this and have decided to post this. I have tried reading up but it's to confusing spritually so I have stopped all techniques. My email address is and

Anonymous said...

I congratulate, very good idea

Chris said...

Could it be that the "psychics" are simply intercessors who are unaware of their gifting...meaning perhaps they don't know what they are suppose to be doing with the information they are given by the Heavenly Father?

Blogger said...

Chris, what you say is entirely possible. Following is something that fascinates me: As a psychologist, I have noted how many psychics who, after receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, immediately reveal advanced abilities in prophetic ministry. Also, back in the ‘80s on, as the Spirit filled churches exploded, when I visited one of them, many of the young ministers formerly had experimented with drugs. Likewise, when they talked of their drug experiences, you could tell by the laughter of their parishioners, that most of the young people understood exactly what the preacher was sharing. Many of them also moved rapidly into prophetic gifts.

Nachereyl said...

I thank God,having found the words of wisdom from a wise man.

I agree as well, that there is a difference between psychics and prophets or prophetess. The sources of interpretation and divine revelation are different. One comes from the Truth, the other comes from demons. God's people brings you direct communicate from the Creator. On the other hand, psychics makes you aware of another dimension of reality that is accessed by yours or their paranormal abilities.

The purpose of a psychic is to "know thyself," and the purpose of a prophet is to "know the One who knows you."

The people of God uses their gifts for divine revelation from God. It is to give you manifestation of what His will and purpose is for your life. This is something that an unborn (spiritually) individuals can't do, such as psychics.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a former christian and morningstar-style worshiper. I've spent the most important years of my life(teen and college years, though i never went to college) involved in a forward-thinking church. A church enveloped in worship and healing. I feel that through intuition and the guiding of the universal spirit(Holy Spirit)I've lead my life in a direction of finding "God" in the smallest details of my life. After Christianity, I moved to Toaism and other eastern philosophy. Shortly there after,I moved to Naturalism and into paganism. I feel we are all connected in this grid of time and experience. It seems to me that the real evil and snare waiting to grab us is ourselves.
It is time to lay down our egos and choose the Supreme Will. We, as intelligent beings are very capable of denying ourselves for the "team. The "team" being the human race. I call "God" by a different name than others. "God" is the fibers of my body, the air I breathe, the emotions I feel, the only accurate weather man, and the most undefinable Existance in our daily life.
As far as seers, prophets, shamans, healers, mystics, or psychics go, I believe all are capable of speaking from self-righteousness and self-importance. We as humans have a spectacular role and responsibility to love the unexplainable contributions of our spiritual counterparts, for everyone has a voice and an opinion. "God" doesn't speak to few, "God" speaks to all. It depends on how, when, and if we hear the voice. Then our ego kicks in and then it's up to how our feeble minds interpret it. I've learned in 28 years that I don't have to scream from the roof-tops what my beliefs are, I just have to love the god in me and everyone else. Everyone walks alone in the dark, but when the light shines, you realize there is a host of seekers beside you.
To wrap up this long-winded bout, I promise, and ask the same in exchange, to live my life loving my race and those who run it with me. I continually strive to achieve peace and a true neighboring of people who understand we all think different things but want the same out-come, to find, be close to, and love our source of life. For, life is great and our loved ones are great as well. I love you all! Be yourselves and love the god in you and the journey to find truth!

Blogger said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. It is unusual to hear from someone who is making your type pilgrimage. Usually it is the other way around--trying everything and then finally being infilled in power with the Spirit of Jesus.

Hope to see you back someday

Life Abundantly! said...

Dear Donald,

I just stumbled on your post and this conversation. It is encouraging for me, a Christian Healer & Seer, to read such positive conversations in this arena.

From my perspective, we all have the ability to open to God's gifts of spiritually hearing, seeing, experiencing, knowing God more directly, each in our own unique way. I believe this is vital to our Christian experience, and spoken of constantly throughout the bible and by mystics through the ages.

I am blessed to be able to serve folks by assisting them to deepening into their own direct contact with God: to encourage folks to allow God to open their spiritual ears and open their spiritual eyes, etc.

Meanwhile, not everyone wants to have this gift of direct experience, which amazes me. And not everyone who theoretically wants the gift of direct spiritual experience, is willing to actually allow it. This is more understandable to me, since it is necessary to allow God to change me and become different than I know myself to be - it can sometimes feel like being baptized by fire and the Holy Spirit ; )

Thank you for saying yes to God; and for sharing your perspective and experiences, I hope it encourages more folks to go deeper into the joy of the Lord.

Blessings to all, wendy

Anonymous said...

To tailgate 2 ur post....
As a Seer, when u're n tuned w/the Holy Spirt, u hv access 2 EVRTHING that God offers. U can tap n2 any of the 11+ dimensions/realms. U can even block the abilities of other mediums or psychics.... of course God can block your ability as well, especially around religious spirits. YUK!
When u operate as a Seer, u glorify God in ALL things u do. It also gives people a way to salvation. As a seer, U have to give the good, the bad and the ugly! BUT.... GOD always gives them a way out of the bad or ugly.... i.e.... the good news of the gospel =)
C'ya'all soon!...... God's Ninja

Blogger said...

And blessings back to you Anonymous.

Rachel Stanford said...

Ive never done this blogging commenting before….. Lets say
Confused in Montana/dec.20,2015
I recently asked a psychic what my future held. In return i got an answer you were born to be rich and the answer you seek for your destiny is you will be a great prophet and you are one that doesnt follow the laws of society. I don't understand. Just last week i asked god into my life after shutting him out for 3 years. Ho2 do 8 know what god wants to do with me and in my life?

stephanie martin said...

So, if these are spiritual gifts..why does the bible say mediums, pyschic, soosayers have no place in the kingdom of God..they are as an abomination??

stephanie martin said...

Also, why would the lord speak to Gad (the seer) yet its wrong to be pysic- medium?

Father Don said...

I really don't know. I do know our God is at war with the other gods. Psychics may be getting information from them.

Unknown said...

Hello friend I am a seer as well,I always go to the Lord for confirmation,because some people do not want to believe in the Lord,and some do not believe in seers,even God believing people.I think things through and ask the Lord how to approach,the Lord is our Teacher,fasting,prayer and he will guide you.I write things down from my visions,and go with the feeling from the vision.Always test the spirit of the vision and ask God if from him,some visions are not of God.

Fr Don said...

Seers are greatly needed. Thanks for sharing

ann prince said...

Psychics recieve impressions from that Auric field around a person,s body. Psychics are not able see into the Spirit world. Mediumship is the consequence of being a Mediator between the invisible realm which is the Spirit world They are born with an acute awareness of the Spirit world, we have no choice we see ,hear and sense from childhood Samuel heard what he thought was God when he was a child He could hear Clairaudiently the voice who is to say that non Christians don't have the same Gift,it rides across borders and religions! My Mother was also a Medium and also a fundamental Christmas,that dichotomy did not seem to bother her!

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