Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Cherokees and the Eucharist

Click on this link and read it first.Sand Creek Massacre and the Eucharist

One day, my wife and I discovered the book “A Guide to Healing the Family Tree” by Kenneth McAll, M.D. of England. Dr. McAll, describes many supernatural healings as a result of breaking ancestral curses by the use of the Eucharist. After having some successes healing family trees, we became interested in another observation Dr. McAll had made. He believes that even past atrocities by one group against another can be blotted out by the power of the Eucharist.

Around that time, some close family members were in the process of building a golf course and resort. They hit a point in the construction when nothing was going right. At times, the project teetered on disaster.

My wife had always been moved by the story of the Trail of Tears –the atrocities committed against the Cherokees as they were driven off their land.

The maps of the trail revealed the Cherokees had been brought through the territory. There was evidence that Indians had been on the land where the golf course was being built. Because we had just come off the moving experience regarding the Sand Creek Massacre, we wondered if perhaps the evil that had been perpetrated against the Cherokees, still lingered to curse the land.

We offered to do a Eucharist. It was another of those mystical beautiful days.
Almost immediately, the whole project did an upswing and moved rapidly to success.


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Wow!!! Don! Thanks for this post and thanks for sending me the link. Am posting my answer here and will also post it to my own blog.

Pastor Richard Twiss of

Pastor Twiss is a Native American preacher and also the author of "One Church, Many Tribes." And I just love him. He's part of the aboriginal Christian movement and a leading figure in World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People. Don't know if you've heard folks in this movement but wow! An East Indian minister talking about Jesus as the Divine Guru and the remover of the sin debt. Or Pastor Twiss talking about Native American mythos and legends that point to Christ and aboriginal Christianity. I looooooove him and his message so much.

One of the other books on the site is Eternity in their hearts. I just love that book. Between Pastor Twiss' sermons and Eternity in their hearts, my book Wind Follower was born.

This is the wiconi bookshelf. You might be interested in it.

He's absolutely amazing! Part Native American revolutionary. All preacher!

Wiconi has a great newsletter that tells about all his doings. I'd recommend signing up. I don't know him but I emailed him and asked him if I could acknowledge him in the acknowledgments of Wind Follower. And he said yes. So you'll see his name in the back of WF.