Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jackleg Christian Dream Interpreters

Jackleg Christian Dream Interpreters

As a psychologist, I have been interpreting dreams for the past half century. In graduate school, I even received the nickname of “Joseph.” I published a book, now out of print, on dream interpretation. So, I watch with interest the many books as well as workbooks about dream interpretation, now pouring out from Christian writers. There was even a person with her workbook as our speaker last week at church.

I am dismayed that many of the writers sound just like the little grocery store manuals of dream interpretation. “If you have this dream, it means thus and so, etc.” Our speaker last week, did just that, and I was bored to tears.

Experienced dream interpreters have always found dreams to be idiosyncratic, that is, the meaning of the dream symbols are specific to the individual dreamer. The only dream authority teaching a generalized interpretation of some symbols was the Swiss psychiatrist, Gustav Jung. He did discover some archetypal symbols which appear to be embedded in and issue out of the DNA of the entire human race.

Given the long history and vast literature of psychological dream interpretation, my personal preference is that if these Christian amateurs are determined to wade into this field, their best service would be in discovering the archetypal symbols revealed in the Bible. Right now, most of what is being written is jackleg mishmash and makes no original contribution to the field.

Having said that, I have found several interesting observations from these Christian dream interpreters. The first is that it is Biblically sound to expect God to communicate to us by dreams. Job 33:15 In a dream , in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed.” Because of my personality, I like what one person said: “Dreams are the lazy person’s way of receiving revelation. No long hours of praying. No singing, dancing and worshiping. You can just sleep right through it.” Now that has appeal.

A second is that saturating oneself in Bible imagery, trains one to mentally process mythologically, archetypally, and metaphorically, the language of dreams.

A third is, God is the interpreter of our dreams. That is Scriptural, and we can ask for the interpretation and He will answer.

A fourth observation is to watch for dreams that may be God trying to alert us to something we need to quickly repent of so as not to block Him.


Ascension said...

I really appreciate your site. I have been looking for a Christian dream interpreter for ages, not really to interpret the dream but just to make sure my interpretation is correct and in line with scripture. I have been to many websites that say they are Christians and charge money/practice curses/divination so it is really nice to see someone who beleives in Jesus as Lord.

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Ascension, Thanks for the comment.
Hope to hear more from you.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that dream images are individual and not all images mean the same thing to all people. I found a christian dream interpreter who agrees with you that every symbol is different for every person. Bryan Carraway has a book on dreams and agrees with you.

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