Monday, April 30, 2007

Homophobia or an Angry Mother Nature?

Rich Tatum sent an e-mail “There’s a debate raging on my blog right now about homosexuality.” Because he received so many comments, I thought it better to add my comment here.

There is a new controversial system of Biology, Sociobiology. If the theory holds up, it creates a problem for those who advocate homosexuality. According to the Sociobiologists, we think our mating choices are consciously made. Wrong, they say! In reality, far below our awareness, we are being driven by our genes. The goal of these genes is to jockey themselves into the best advantage for their own future. Nothing else matters.

So, if Sociobiology is correct, when the siren song of one person’s genes lures the genes of the same sex, then like in the story of Ulysses, these genes have been lured to their destruction. A long historical line of great DNA has been tricked into a dead end.

What is my point? It is this. If we are hard wired so our genes direct our passions in ways to fulfill their own purposes, how hard is it to believe that we are also hard wired for our genes to experience abhorrence when being defrauded.

Remember the commercial: “It is not nice to fool Mother Nature.” If, true, than discomfort when being sexually approached by a member of the same gender, is not a disorder, i.e. phobic. Rather it is the genes’ revulsion at being lured to their destruction.

Observing nature, you can’t miss each species’ unrelenting appetite to replicate themselves. At Creation, God said: “Be fruitful and multiply”. I see nothing to make me believe He rescinded that order.


Anonymous said...

The purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ coming to this earth was to re-establish the kingdom of God the Father. His word is His constitution and law that He wants His Kingdom to run by. What all of our religions seem to want to do is change the Fathers Kingdom to their own way of doing things. Its called rebellion. No religion, philosophy, or geneology is going to change His word.

SLW said...

I was part of that debate over at Rich's! I argued that homosexuality was not genetic. This system (Sociobiology) would agree with that tenet, if for nothing else than the genes own sense of self-preservation. Whereas I'd be hard pressed to believe our behavior is that deterministic, it is interesting that science is even considering a theory that pulls the rug out from under the promoters of genetically determined homosexuality. Maybe there's room for common sense afterall.