Friday, May 11, 2007

Speaking in Tongues

Whenever any one writes in their blog on the subject of Speaking in Tongues, Google notifies me. I had really hoped bloggers would be sharing their exciting experiences and insights. Instead I have found mostly tiresome, theological yakety- yak.

I am being reminded of when we young males were going into puberty. You would hear us say, “Girls! Yuk!” A few years later, our hormones kicked in and it was “Girls! Yippee!”.

Amazing how a little experience changes our conversation.


Anonymous said...

When someone is born again he receives the Holy Spirit who re-
connects that person to the Father, through Jesus, to the Kingdom of God....not your religion. The person then can receive the power of the Holy Spirit which will give you wonderful abilities to do the work of the Lord Jesus. Speaking in tongues enables the Spirit to pray to the Father who is Spirit and bring your prayers to the throne room. "praying in the spirit for all the saints" Its amazing how little time we give to do what our Fathers word tells us to do... we truly need to repent for our rebellion and indepence, thinking that we are the power. May the Father of Glory love and forgive you for even thinking about slighting His Holy Spirit.

Rich Tatum said...

Have you seen Jesse Phillips' blog?

Prophetically Speaking

He's a Fellow PneumaBlogger, and worth checking out.