Monday, June 4, 2007

Time Out

I had hoped to make my blog mostly about spiritual matters, however this political scene is getting so exciting, I can't stay out of it. I will have to apologize to any readers on the Left, but I just came back from being a delegate to our state GOP Party Convention. Going to a convention is like going to a revival meeting. I came home so pumped that I have been using my writing energy to fire off Letters to the Editors of my local papers. So far, they have been publishing them although like so much of the media, they lean left. I know my letters must pain them. Here is one of them:


As conservatives and libertarians, for the sake of truth in advertising, suppose we grant that we are not comfortable with the war in Iraq. We can even tell ourselves that when we voted for George Bush, he promised he would not get into nation building. We may even confess our uneasiness of having to support him, not because we now believe his mission of creating a democracy is doable in this sick part of the world, but because he is our man and we must stick by him.

We have not been attacked in five years. Now where do we go? We do have an enemy. They speak clearly that they intend to either convert us or if unable, then to kill us. What part of those words are hard to understand? The desire to conquer us did not start yesterday. Historians say conquering may have been in some people’s minds and pursued off and on since 630 A.D. What makes today different, is that some of the worst of this group now have the weapons, the money, the communication abilities, the leadership, the expertise, and the will, to be serious. They also sense a spiritual vacuum in our part of the world.

In front of this peril, those against our president appear clueless. Instead of telling us how they plan to protect us, each candidate scrambles over top of the other trying to convince the base that he or she can hide deeper under the bed than the other guy. That is scary.