Sunday, December 30, 2007

Important Anglican Conference

A Global Anglican Future Conference is planned for June 2008. The aim of the Conference is to discuss the future of mission and relationships within the churches of Anglican Communion. The Conference will be chaired by Archbishop Peter Jensen. In a message to his people, he explains why the meeting is necessary. As some of you who read this blog have probably guessed, I am among those former Episcopal priests who found it necessary to realign myself with the main body of the church. One of the statements that Archbishop Jensen made in his communication really weighs heavy on me:

“The American actions. . . . impacted churches all around the world. In particular the churches of the Global South had to own the name ‘Anglican’ while living in societies where the actions of the Americans was condemned by all, especially Muslims. The action of some North Americans severely hurt the witness of these churches. It also hindered the good effect that membership of the Anglican Communion has for those who live in a situation where Christians are in a minority.”


Interested Individual said...

"The action of some North Americans severely hurt the witness of these churches".
Could you explain?

Father Don said...

Interested individual. With everyone's busy schedules, I would love to respond to your comment. It would save time if I knew whether your question is a sincere request for more information, or is it a form of challenge to what was said in the post? Meanwhile, thanks for the comment.

Friend said...

Don, It makes me very sad that the Episcopal Church in this diocese as well as the entire nation is losing true priests like you because of the stupidity of the national church "leadership." We ripped the church to pieces to ordain a bishop who, after achieving his objectives, proceeded to check himself into rehab. Haven't heard much about that, have we? But, on the other hand, I guess if practicing homosexuals should be able to be bishops, why not practicing alcoholics? And who's to say they (alcoholics, that is), need to be rehabilitated?