Thursday, June 28, 2012



Rhylak’s (1981) next question was: How is cure effected? The following is a brief review of the entire system as described by Sanford (1958)
1. “First, (is) the soul of the infant–tat is, the total personality–as it comes from God into this world; small, complete, the conscious and the subconscious mind in embryo, inactive, but still enfolded in the light of the spirit.” (p. 163).
2. There begins “the partial withdrawal of the spirit and the darkening of the subconscious mind as it comes into contact with the sin of the world.” (p. 164).
3. Through “the rite of baptism, through the faith of parents, minister and loving congregation, and though the sanctified water charged with God’s creativity, the spirit of the infant is regenerated and endued with a new power, so that it can now make a connection with the subconscious mind” (p. 164).
4. The subconscious is troubled “with certain sins and hurts (holding them down) by an act of will” (p. 165).
5. “The forgiveness of Christ. . . . opens a door into the subconscious mind, heals the memories and redeems the whole personality” (p. 165). “The marks–the wounds–the little prickly arrows of old guilty memories–can be washed away as though they had never been!” (p. 122).
6. The reborn Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit. “The spiritual centers are then activated to the fullest extent. ,. . . The spirt of man being quickened by the Holy Spirit, becomes integrated with both the conscious and the subconscious mind of man” (P. 165).
The Sandfords (1982), rather than emphasizing the obliteration of the memories, choose to concentrate on the effects of the “transformation” of those memories. They wrote: “Healing of memories as taught by some seems to say that we should erase the old. . . . Transformation (on the other hand) holds implicit that nothing in our lives is ever wasted. . . . For this reason, we have lived and sinned and have been redeemed that out of the ashes of what we have been and have done has grown the ministry we are” (p. 19).