Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christianity Light vs The Real Thing

Recently, I posted the following:Mushy Christianity

Then, in the comment section the liberals piled on me. One implied I was arrogant and another, that I was unlearned. One (RV) suggested: “Blogger, read again the story about the loaves and the fishes. Matthew 14: 13-21.”

To which I replied to them: “In picking the feeding of the multitude, you could not have picked a better Scripture to disprove your point and support mine.”

Later RV came back with “I have read the story again. I am not sure what you are referring to unless it is the miraculous nature of taking five loaves and two fishes and feeding all the people. But in order for this miracle to take place, Jesus had to want to feed them (because he loved them).

Meanwhile a reader who had been tuning in on the running debate in the comment sections of many of my posts, weighed in with “Blogger is simply stating the fact - Jesus did far more than give money to the poor and treat people kindly.(A point, I, Blogger, had been trying to make for months.) He also cast out demons,healed the sick through supernatural power, cleansed lepers, and raised the dead. The overwhelming weight of New Testament passages and church history support Blogger's claims - believe it, or not “

As Blogger, I then breathed a sigh of relief and am now writing to RV. “RV Thanks for working at this. You are finally hearing me.

You probably know your recent church history and are aware of the Social Gospel. Social Gospel. Many today believe that the Social Gospel by taking over the main line churches and distancing people from the supernatural, was the cause of the decline of influence of Christianity in the world, especially in the Western World.

However arising almost concurrently with the Social Gospel and beginning with a revival in California and one in Wales, the supernatural reappeared and those who are seeing these miracles today are becoming the fastest growing segment of Christianity. Rise of Pentecostal/Charismatic Apart from growth in Islam (chiefly through high birth rates), the supernatural element of Christianity is outstripping all other forms of spirituality in the world.
This post was originally posted on my other blog.

Jesus’ disciples, through the work of the Holy Spirit, were able to duplicate the healing and the deliverance miracles of Jesus then and now. However, the manifestation of food by extra ordinary acts seems to have eluded them. Scripture says that Jesus leaped for joy when the disciples demonstrated His healing and deliverance miracles. On the other hand, as you read, He seems to have been disappointed that they did not get the feeding miracle.

My concern is that those who want to emphasize only the love part which you noted, but are not working on learning to reproduce the manifestation miracles (or other miracles for that matter), suck all the oxygen out of the room. The miracle of the fishes and the loaves have appeared from time to time in church history and are now being reported more often as people return to trying to learn to do what Jesus told them He would help them do.