Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oak Initiative Calls For Prayer to Stop Bad Bill

We are asking all of our members to pray in earnest, and for those who feel called to fast to do this for the resolution of the crisis over the pending healthcare legislation. We believe the passage of this legislation will
create serious crises in the nation on a number of fronts, including constitutional issues, because of elements in the bill. Because of the manner in which congress is seeking to manipulate passage of the bill will even further exacerbate growing divisions in the nation that are already at dangerous levels.

1 - For America: Our past (repentance) and our future (seeking His will and ways)
2 - For our Leaders: At all levels - in secular and church government.
3 - Regarding the Healthcare Bill: For truth to be revealed and courage to be granted to our leaders to read it, to stand and vote with conviction, courage, and character.