Saturday, March 24, 2007

Repost of New Chapter in Anglican Split

The Anglican primates met at Tanzania and demanded two specific things from the bishops of the American Episcopal Church: first, unequivocally promise not to authorize Rites of Blessing for same-sex unions; second, unequivocally promise not to consecrate any more actively homosexual bishops. It has been described as an ultimatum, and it comes with a deadline (September 30) and consequences: If not followed, the Episcopal Church will not be invited to next year’s Lambeth Conference and so in effect will be judged to have walked apart from the Anglican Communion.

The American bishops were also told to desist from persecuting those bishops, priests and church people who are staying with the the worldwide Anglican Communion rather than remaining in the disfellowshipped Episcopal church.

After meeting together, the Episcopal Bishops on March 20, 2007 REJECTED the ultimatum.

For a background of today's post, the following is taken from an earlier post.

They met and this is what they got:CNN

The above was the secular press' take and the following is from one of the PRIMATES.

Today, another chapter: The Southern Cone Primate says "it is time to split."