Thursday, June 14, 2007

Liberals and Conservatives at Tai Chi Camp

Just returned from a week at Tai Chi camp. There is something about Tai Chi students that connects them to Liberalism, so there is a lot of friendly banter with me because I am the only Conservative in the group.

One morning, as I was listening to our teacher tell us the importance of keeping the study pure as it was handed down through tradition, the thought came to me: “My fellow Tai Chiers are actually all Conservatives.” Most of them teach Tai Chi, and they would not dare tamper with the traditional ways passed on to them. None of them think they are smarter than their great teachers of old and should be free to fiddle with the accepted ways.

Thus, they are all conserving and protecting that which was handed down to them through antiquity. That is what Conservatives do.

I kept my thoughts to myself because we were at camp to learn the ways of our forefathers, not to get into political haggles. That would have spoiled the comradery.