Sunday, July 8, 2007

Faulty Assumptions About Iraq

In the August edition of Elijah Rain, C. Peter Wagner had some sharp insights into the Iraq situation. Summarizing of his article, he first acknowledges that obviously Saddam Hussein was a genuine threat and had to go. Then he asserts though, that the design for the rebuilding was flawed from the beginning. He continues, with four questionable assumptions.

The first questionable assumption was that a people who had lived a long time under oppression could quickly embrace Jeffersonian democracy. The second questionable assumption was that Iraq really is one unified nation. Third, that free elections would work, when they obviously would produce a Shiite majority with past grievances against the long reigning Sunnis.

The fourth questionable assumption is that Allah is just another name for the true God. Wagner writes, “The reality is that Allah is a high-ranking demonic spirit who has come to steal, to kill, and to destroy.” If one makes that assumption, then the worship of it grants it to have authority over that part of the planet.

Therefore, we have dropped our young men and women into very unsafe spiritual territory. Thus, there is the need for serious intercessory protection around them in the spiritual realm. The article can be obtained from Elijah List.


Anonymous said...

A converted terroist in an article he wrote stated that the devil himself has twisted the minds of the unblievers by asserting and getting them to believe that Mohammid is the real god and Christ Jesus is the antichrist. That Mohammid is the god of heaven and that Jehovah Eloheim is the god of the world and hell. Isn't it just like the devil to twist 180 degrees the truth and the world who he controls believes him.
Its like all of the devils other deceits, the world already knows what the Father God, Christ Jesus has said, in His Word which is the constitution and law of Almight God. We can either believe it, or as Kathryn Kulman once said, we can go and believe anyting we want to. We don't have to judge anyone, we judge ourselves by what we say and do and agree with. For me and my house I will believe the Lord and love Christ Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and I will love my neighbor as myself.