Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Do They Hate Christmas?

An increasing number of grinches are trying to steal Christmas.  This post is to open the discussion of explanations of why people would want to rain on others’ parades.

Example--on his TV program Huckabee opined that maybe these spoilsports worry “What if Christians are right?  Then where does that leave me?”

Another, but more serious explanation for the hostility toward
Christmas is the one given from the beginning–that there really is an anti-Christ spirit -- still being channeled today.

Then there is the “let’s give them the benefit of the doubt approach.”  What if they have a legitimate position of wanting Christianity “out of my face!”  After all, in the beginning it was all about a supernatural God sending his supernatural son to train and equip us with supernatural weapons against a supernatural enemy.  So what’s this knockoff of the original–obsessed over morality and guilting people to be charitable?  Scolds.  Sharia lights.  If this is what the grinches want out of their face and behind church walls, could they be on to something?


Anonymous said...

I came across your site and noticed that the subject of "Christmas" was being mentioned. In answer to the question "Why Do They Hate Christmas?" I can't speak for others. However, I can speak for myself. No, I'm not an atheist, Jehovah Witness, Adventist or Muslim. I am a born-again Christian minister. I'm also a teacher. My reason is simple - The Apostles didn't celebrate it, the Bible doesn't promote it, and the Old Testament forbids God's people from mixing or adding paganism to their worship of the true God; therefore, I don't celebrate it. To be more precise: Christ is not reborn once a year, doesn't have any (demon) elves or Nordic mistletoe branches or Attis/Adonis/Asherah trees in the Bible and didn't tell us to embrace thinly-veiled,SATURNALIA or the WINTER SOLSTICE wrapped with brightly colored "Christian" paper and ribbon.

Blogger said...

Anonymous. Thanks for your response. But are you saying "Why do people hate Christmas" is because they understand that there never should have been Christmas?