Thursday, November 10, 2016

Most Important Book I Ever Read

   In Dr. Heiser’s new book, he has revealed the Bible as one coherent story. It has changed the way I look at everything. This post will be a simple outline. Hopefully, many of you will read the book available on Kindle.
                                        THE PAST
FIRST REBELLION--HUMANS  The story of the Bible opens with the rebellion of the first humans, resulting in the entire human race being banished from YHWH’s intimate fellowship in Eden.

SECOND REBELLION--THE WATCHERS   Next, though YHWH did not reestablish the relationship with humanity, He did appoint a group of gods called the Watchers to watch over them. But, the Watchers too rebelled, mating with humans (creating the Nephilim) and teaching them things destructive to them.  The Watchers were punished by dying not as the gods they were, but as humans.  Therefore, as human spirits with no place to go, they seem to still be among us.

THE THIRD REBELLION--THE SONS OF GOD   After destroying the Watchers, YHWH  restarted the human race with Noah and his family.  But, at the tower of Babel, they too rebelled. Again, YHWH did not restore fellowship. Rather, he divided the people  into 70 territories with a Son of God over each.  Many of the 70 have rebelled, convincing their subjects that they are their true god.

THE FOURTH REBELLION--THE HEBREWS  Next, YHWH rescued the tribe of Abraham  from the gods of Egypt. He then led them in violent bloody battles against the gods of the Middle East and their followers along the way, finally getting them to the one little patch of land that He would call His. During the next few millenniums YHWH communicated to them only through special people, the prophets.

But again there was rebellion, with Abraham's offspring worshipping the other gods. YHWH then banished them throughout the world until 1948.

                                                        THE PRESENT
Finally, "in the fullness of time" YHWH carried out the archetype that He had been placing in humans’ spiritual DNA from the beginning of time. One human destroyed the relationship. One human sacrificed would be accepted to reestablish the relationship.

It worked! How do we know? Because at Pentecost, the  human race once again experiences direct fellowship  with their Creator. Eden is being restored.   Under YHWH, they then went out to rescue one by one, all who were in captivity.   But, just as the other gods fought the Israelites (and still are), this new species, find themselves also in a battle with  the gods. (Whether they want to or not.)

                                                       THE FUTURE 
The last chapter  of the story,  YHWH finally has had enough of his 70 sons, and the spirits of the Watchers as well as the other elohims which  He banished from Heaven for rebelling.   With His loyal followers, both human and elohims, He rounds them up, and  imprisons them. But they will not go quietly and the war will be savage.

But, for the next thousand years, He has His family back  together  with Him in Eden.

(Can you believe that 40 different writers over a period of 1500 years, were able to write just one coherent story? But they did!)


Lauren Caldwell said...

Excellent summary. I've recently completed The Unseen Realm as well and found it to be eye-opening. If only he spoke more about how to overcome regarding our authority.

Blogger said...

Lauren, Thanks for your comment. I have been studying the Bible all my life, but it is Heiser's books that pulled it all together for me. I have published this article on three different blogs. On all three it has turned out to be too advanced for the average reader. Still I have hope that someday the blinders will fall off their eyes and they will have eyes to see. Again, thanks.