Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank You Lord For Giving Us Trump


This election year has been unimaginable stressful.  From the day that Donald Trump came down that escalator and announced his candidacy for president, I felt he was God’s choice for our time.  However, holding that faith all year was exacting.  

In my lifetime I had never known such irrational rage against a public figure.  Of course, such
madness could only best be understood as Satanic.  Therefore, the entire year had to be given over to intercessory prayer.

Following is the way I prayed.  Praying what I believe to be the Lord’s will, I daily ran past Him what I believed  that will was, asking Him to correct me if wrong.  First, I said I believed He would want a Supreme Court which would support His church.  Secondly, I believed He would not want a political party who would make it illegal to mention His name even in public.  

We are taught that when we do intercessory prayer, we are to put Him in remembrance of what is written in His Word.  So, I reminded Him of  Moses telling Him that if He let His people be destroyed, the Egyptians would say that their God had led them out to the desert in order to slaughter them.   My understanding of this event was that Moses was saying Yahweh  would not only be humiliating him, Moses, but He would be humiliating Himself.

How does that idea apply? Well, during this election year, God had revealed to some of His best prophets that Trump is to be our next president.  And, among them were two that I partner with–Sid Roth of It’s Supernatural and Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries.  God revealed His choice to Sid from the beginning.  He revealed a lot of hints to Rick until finally, it became clear to Rick that it was to be Trump.

Therefore, my daily prayer was “Father do not let your prophets be humiliated.”  I have to admit that when all Hell was breaking out, my faith was sorely tested.  So, Praise His Holy Name, I can now exhale.